Dear MIRANDA collector, April, 2000

Following our considerations last year, we are now in a position to support a limited but enthusiastic MHS initiative. Our MHS Membership offer for 2000 is:

  1. A membership CD with the „" site and other Miranda articles and images.
  2. Access for one year to the private MHS section of the website, with updates, news of meetings, members collections, and new research articles and information.
  3. Some printed options will be made available:
  1. Printed copies of selections from the original MHS Newsletters as we prepare them
  2. Printed copies of the current MHS articles (four so far)
  3. Printed copies of selections from the site, as we prepare these, and periodic updates
  1. For this year, we are not planning a regular printed newsletter apart from the site printouts.

The initial CD contains the site as it is at April 2000, and it can be re-supplied with updates periodically, at cost. We realize that not every enthusiast has Internet access, so we will start with the current CD information and try to provide a hard copy option from the site or newsletters later this year.

For our MHS members, we have established a private section of the web site accessible only via user/password. In this forum, we persue more detailed aspects of MIRANDA collecting, such as:

  1. More detailed and technical articles on Miranda, from current and previous member researches
  2. Discussions of serial numbers and production figures, and production variants. Discussions on prices and (if possible) the future provision of eBay auction analysis for Miranda.
  3. Illustrations and discussions on rare and older MIRANDA camera models and lenses which members have found
  4. Reprinting articles from the original MHS newsletters from 1985 - 1992 electronically
  5. Later this year, a moderated private bulletin board for members via email
  6. Discussion about lesser known MIRANDA accessories, such as light-metering systems or equipment for macro photography
  7. Provision of names and direction to competent repair services, and help to find spare parts
  8. Making available the space and links for members to have their own home site, possibly with email facilities
  9. Copies of brochures, instruction books and repair manuals for members
  10. Historical aspects of MIRANDA / SOLIGOR / ALLIMATSU / AIC Cooperation
  11. Research and information into ORION CAMERA CO. products and history, including related Leica/Contax adaptors and mirror housing equipment.

Membership fees will be:

  1. The basic "one off" MHS Membership Sale would be US $20, payable to a designated account number in Europe, or a Money Order or check in the USA.
  2. Printed copies of the current articles and relevant tables would be $5.
  3. Other material (MHS preprints, the site in hard copy, service manuals) to be advised as they are made available, and the costs for these will be kept as reasonable as possible.


Membership rules are straightforward and relate primarily to the privacy of the membership, and the profile of personal details each member wishes to make available.

  1. Minimum contact information is needed, i.e. your name, address and email address if available. Other information is optional. Please advise which information items you would like to be available for the membership list, and these limits will be observed by MHS.
  2. It is a most important condition of membership that the list of MHS members is to be used only by members for their common interest in camera collecting. Contact information relating to (an)other member can only be released to a third party with the consent of that other member. The membership list is confidential and is not to be released or sold to other parties.
  3. While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of information on the site, the MHS and its members can accept no liability for errors, omissions, or any of the opinions expressed. The site is provided in good faith, however a condition of membership is acceptance that the information on the site is not official factory or commercial information, and may contain member opinions which are not endorsed by MHS.
  4. Camera collecting transactions between members are the responsibility of the members involved, and the MHS cannot participate in or be responsible for unsatisfactory transactions. In difficult circumstances, MHS members may provide support towards a satisfactory resolution, but we are not to be held collectively responsible for the business transactions between our members.

To join MHS or obtain further information, please contact us through the web site, or our Membership Secretary below. If you have previously filled in this form, there is no need complete it again.

Jürgen Kronenberg

Phone +49-7022-42485 (private)

+49-7127-50400 (office)

Fax +49-7127-599140






Membership Secretary: Jürgen Kronenberg


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